by Joe Da Pro

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This album brings the trap world to a more luxury feel as oppose of the normal trap sound. Each song has a feel of trap sounds mixed with drill beats. A very good addition if you are into Joe Farrin's earlier releases. This mixtape shows a lot of growth


released October 29, 2015

All songs written by: Joe Da Pro Features include HP aka Jux and all beats produced by Spaceahip Joe



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Joe Da PRO Decatur, Georgia

Joe Da Pro ceo of famous&co

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This intro explains the concept behind the meaning Luxury Trap
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - GAS UP
She know atleast a hundred (100K) in my stash spot/we don't fuck hoes with them ass shots/tell them broke boys get ya cash up/pass me the backwoods so i can gas it up/

I gas em up shotes shotes gas em up/foreign we just cop em bruh/cop em if the fast enough/foreigns we just crash em up/Ralph Lauren he be actin up/she just want a real nigga she know dat ass is fat enough/these haters they be actin up/my racks keep on racking up/i trap to the maximum/my trap is international/these broke boys can't be mad at us/these shopping sprees is adding up/i be rocking Italian shit/shit from France and all types of shit/and these bitches fall in love/but I'm fucking with these drugs/and i fuck her of the pill/fall asleep on the rug/Famous Gang trap stars she fell in the love with the plug/a backwood full of gas man that shit keep me going/and them millions aint far gotta keep this shit going/its like I made it to the top now/ i aint on the block now/these naggers talk to Cops now/these bitches is just thots now/i mite take your main bitch off of lock down/i mite start taking head shots at Ops now/these niggers think they hot but they not now
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - BORING ft. HP
i just mixed Codeine with my soft drink/i just pulled up and told them hoes get all in/ i don't push it unless that shit a foreign/and i don't fuck broke hoes them hoes be boring/id not push that bitch unless its a foreign/i got all these racks i put em all in/these racks came from the trap nigga we touring/

The Famous 500/its like a million miles and running/you know the shit gets real/when the haters keep it coming/grew up in the field so the lame shit is nothing/famous gang shit or nothing famous gang shit or nothing/
Stunting like a hobby now/them bitches give it up its like robbery now/me and my naggers give it up we might just gun ya down/we in the foreighns got them bricks we might just run ya town/and them bitches know whats up thats why they come around/i feel funny when thee fuck boys come around/these racks got us on top we aint under now/i fuck ya whole city up and hit another town/these Louboutin not Louie now
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - RONDO
Go head lil nigga go and get ya bucks up/we got all these racks we don't hate on none of ya/you stay talking racks but we don't see none tho/if i was a shooter i would play Rondo/break his door down leave his head with a gun hole/im takeing it all not and leave him dead with his dumb hoe/i'll never waste a round if i shoot it'll be up close/i'll never waste a round god forbid but these naggers cold/
Naggers cold/tryna make a hundred thousand before I'm old/by old i mean 30 years old/rite now my rolex be on froze cook cocaine on this stove/rite now my trap phone overload my trap phone overload/rite now y'all broke boys looking broke y'all broke boys looking broke/came through in a foreighn/me and her both knew i was scoring/i don't fuck with broke bitches already told y'all they boring/these broke rappers want beats/but that shit is costing/and that shit is funny/cause they aint got no budget/damn you should of called me/cause you aint got no buzz yet/ya bitch be calling me and you know she gave it up quick/you naggers looking upset/my money looking up there/famous gang we up next margeilla outfits/these Louboutins aint out yet/you aint know i had this type of clout yet/lil nigga just go to college cause the trap don't stop shit
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - Just FAM ft. HP
I aint got no friends i just got foes/i aint got a girl i just got hoes/ i aint got no friends i just got fam/if my brothers broke then I'm broke with him/
Verse 1
Damn I'm straight from the trap now/hoes wanna touch my racks now/memeber i couldn't even cash out/the will cry later if the laugh now/she aint wanna give her number up/now i turn hr ass down/me and my niggers coming still put a op down if he running up/these fuck boys don't want none of us/backwoods got me hi as fuck/if you got gas then light it up/im a boss nigga i can hire ya/just know my shooters don't miss you could try your luck/gucci shit on the waste line 4-5 shit on the waste line/rolex shit we don't waste time/rolex baby don't waste mine/and if i pull up theres a lot of trappin going/and hit Neiman Marcus with a lot of action going on/dont smoke that shit around me if it aint fucking strong/when she around me aint got no panties on/this pill is turning on it got me in my zone/got me in my zone got me in my
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - IDK Niggas
I don't know these niggas i don't know none of these niggers/so i don't trust these niggas i don't trust none of these niggas I don't know these niggas i don't know none of these niggers/so i don't trust these niggas i don't trust none of these niggas
I dont trust that no no don't trust that nigga/this kid move weird man he might be a stick up/been trappin all year man them cops been tryna get us/let me make this shit clear man don't ever do a set up/used to tell the world he trapping now he telling on a nigga/but i guess thats how the game go/i fuck these hoes don't share my bankroll/no witnesses thats case closed/ya hoe can't keep her legs closed damn shame you wifeing hoes i got watches with ice in those/and a couple real niggas i will always ride for any my moms is the only chick i would die for/if i fuck a bitch once then the thotties want more/and i don't trust these niggas i can feel it from the door/if i fuck a bitch once then the thotties want more/and i don't trust these niggas i can feel it from the door/
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - STUPID
Why ya bitch look at me like she stupid now/pulled up in the foreighn its looking stupid now/i smoke so much dope i might be stupid now/she gave me head ll night/she must be stupid now/diamonds diamonds bitches love these diamonds damn i love these diamonds hit the jewler and go stupid now/my foreighn got no top it must be stupid now/i play stupid until its time to shoot him down
im strapped up now incase they try to fool around/its like everywhere i go seems to be a trap house/if you aint talking quap then get ya ass out/if u aint talking cap then get ya ass out/fuck 12 fuck with me girl i'll have you doing drug sales/she gave me head all night that bitch a nut shell/and i never fell in love still/damn rite i know how these drugs feel/i keep a shooter with me for back up/and my plug always pouring that act (activist) up/and m bad bitch always want to act up/but her best friend i mite smash her/rollie rollie baby i rock a rolex/ecstasy mollie she said it makes her so wet/i shop at Neiman Marcus/ima a Trap star that bitch got star struct
Track Name: FARRIN da Pro - mini NAP$
I don't sleep no i take mini naps/wake up to the money i get plenty racks/im focused on the top i aint looking back/she focused on my quap but she get none of that/
They wanna see you broke man the game cold/i just might pull up in a range rove/these bitches only know me when I'm flexing/i got all these phones and don't answer no texts/i keep a styrofoam filled with texts/shot out to my bros still fuckin they x's/her name was alexis she pulled up in a Honda/bitch i thought you had a Lexus ya new name now is Rhonda/i trap all night here put ya order in i'll be rite there/put ya order in i'll be rite there put ya order in and i'll be rite there/i smoke so much loud tho you gone catch a contact/if she really think I'm in love she gone catch a hard attack/ she just want a come up/she just wanna touch racks/really think I'm doe hoe you aint getting none of that/you tae care of dumb hoes/my bitch bad like cash doll/i am such a asshole she don't suck dick i won't call